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Service details

Sightseeing information and travel support

Sightseeing information and travel support

Sightseeing information, directions,transfer information,interpretation,
Travel planning, purchasing tickets and admissions,
Luggage transport and holding services,
Various reservations by proxy, shipping by proxy, duty-free procedures

Drafting, etc. of various documents by proxy


Government documents, school documents, business documents,
Writing, acquisition, and submission of documents by proxy,
Proofreading and correcting of documents,
Income tax filing, and opening of accounts,
Creation of resumes, applications, notifications, and bank documents

Shopping and shipping by proxy

Shopping and shipping

Shopping by proxy and accompaniment while shopping,
Delivery, shipping, packing, creating delivery slips,
Overseas shipping by proxy and shop searching,
Internet shopping by proxy

Searching for housing,
and performing other related procedures by proxy

Searching for housing

Accompaniment while searching for and viewing rooms,
Checking of contracts, arrangement/checking/drafting of required documents,
Relocation procedures, moving-in procedures,
and various address changing procedures,
Arrangement of moving companies

Moving and transport of belongings

Moving and transport

Moving, packing of belongings, and cleaning-up after vacating,
Connecting household appliances, setting channels,
Transport of furniture, makeover of the rooms, and delivery of belongings,
Arrangement of storage units and warehouses

Assistance disposing of unwanted belongings

Assistance disposing

Disposal of unwanted belongings, transport of oversized garbage,
and taking out the garbage
Separating of garbage types, application for collection of oversized garbage,
Arrangement of purchasers and other types of support

Cleaning, clean-up, and housework by proxy


Kitchen, bathroom, and room cleaning,
Cleaning-up of rooms, laundry washing, and ironing,
Cooking, shopping, dish washing, and housekeeping services,
Gardening, weeding, and watering of flowerbeds,
Pet care and periodic visit services

Assembly of furniture, carpentry work


Assembly of furniture, dismantling of furniture, and assembly of storerooms,
Installation and exchanging of lighting,
Fixtures and replacement of light bulbs,
Curtain rail installation and repair of fittings,
Arrangement of manufacturer repair of broken appliances by proxy

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*The displayed prices do include tax.

Work fee 3,300 yen per person per hour
Dispatch fee 2,200 yen per person
Vehicle fee 3,300 yen per vehicle

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